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We focus on achieving excellence by bringing quality


The primary objective of FUNON ALBINA is to achieve excellence in the field of architectural, Interior, landscaping, interior execution, and lighting & furniture solutions services through its commitment to fulfill client requirements by providing project delivery with in timeframe & budget along with making an outstanding contribution to the built environment.

We begin with comprehensive research and information gathering to better our understanding about the project site, both regionally, locally and other pertinent contextual issues. We keep vigilant eyes to avoid any kinds of unnecessary activities or bottle necks in order to provide maximum customer satisfaction and benefits.

The initial design charrette, the extensive breadth of information and the richness of creative ideas serve as a starting point of our fully integrated building design process. All services undertaken by FUNON ALBINA are carefully controlled and supervised by the Director-in-Charge of the project. The Design Director supervises each stage of the design. The documentation and construction process is assigned to specialist architects and engineers. All design personnel of FUNON ALBINA is qualified architects and engineers.FUNON ALBINA expertise provides full turnkey services and end to end solutions.We look forward to extending our services to many more areas where we can impact the lives of people by providing quality options to build beautiful homes and other constructions.


FUNON ALBINA group is on a mission to redefine the way an interior designing firm serves its customers by offering maximum quality, satisfaction, and any other additional benefits. Our key focus is on bringing excellent level of service in developing full turnkey residential and commercial projects with giving due importance to budget and time factors and thereby offering uncompromising quality and contribution. We take the approach of building a great service mindset to achieve this noble goal.


We envision ourselves as a big team of specialists and experts in all key areas of service we provide so that can serve the maximum number of customers who need services which can help them to cater to the requirement they have that too with economical options. We are looking forward to expanding our operation through out the Middle East countries so that we have the opportunity to be among the beauty makers of the world

Creating the art of stylish living


We carry high level of dedication in the controlling and supervising of project execution at various stages. Our specialists focus on their areas of expertise in order to achieve maximum quality.


We focus on achieving excellence by bringing quality in all aspects of work we carry out from research to execution.


Our team members are highly experienced professionals and specialists who are passionate about giving their best at work.


FUNON ALBINA group holds a set of values which helped us to give our best to our customers by maintaining quality in all aspects of service. Our team is keen to implement all these values at work.


Our design process is carried out with great level of creativity with rich creative ideas discussed among design specialists based on the extensive amount information we collected